$200,000+to Fuel Youth-Led Climate Initiative

Earth’sCall Fund and Wallace Global Fund partner in support of young climate activists

August 19, 2019

6:00 pm

MONDAY, AUGUST 19, ASPEN, COLORADO — A galvanizing call to action was issued by representatives of the new generation of climate activists at this weekend’s AREDAY Summit:  In the face of the climate catastrophe engulfing our planet, donors must step up to support the ambitious, youth-led climate organizing and voter mobilization movement that is taking shape now and planning for action through the important year ahead. The new climate-focused Earth’s Call Fund and the Wallace Global Fund have partnered to answer this call to action, announcing $200,000 in funding and challenging AREDAY participants to join them.

Climate Strike actions are scheduled to roll-out across the US and around the world during the week of September 20-27, 2019. In the U.S., more than 30 youth groups will participate, including Earth Uprising, Earth Guardians, Extinction Rebellion-Youth, Fridays for the Future, Future Coalition, the Sunrise Movement, US Youth Climate Strike, and Zero Hour. Several of these groups were featured at the AREDAY Summit, among them Future Coalition, Fridays for Future, and Earth Guardians.

The immediate injection of funds for this movement comes at a critical time. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warns that global emissions must be slashed by 45% before 2030. Without drastic action, warming will surpass 1.5 C.  Activism, organizing and nonpartisan voter engagement must accelerate in the coming period to ensure that policy makers give this agenda a commitment that is commensurate to the challenge.

The climate strikes are an audacious response to the planet’s dire situation. Earth’s Call Fund and the Wallace Global Fund joined together at AREDAY to support this audacity. The two funds called on AREDAY attendees, and climate funders broadly, to join in providing rapid support to fuel this ambitious new phase of youth climate organizing.

 “I am so excited that Earth’s Call Fund can serve as an accelerator to help us take dramatic action to save the planet,” said Earth’s Call Fund Founder and board member John “Spike” Buckley. “Earth’s Call Fund is demonstrating precisely why it is needed by quickly mobilizing funds and directing them to where they are most needed — right now.”

“Wallace Global Fund is dedicated to supporting the young leaders who are determined to succeed where our generation has failed,” said Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director at the Wallace Global Fund.  “Our support for these courageous Climate Strikers follows our earlier funding of other youth led-climate movements and organizations. From the fossil fuel divestment movement on college campuses, to the Sunrise Movement’s championing of the Green New Deal, to today’s Climate Strikers, it is clear that young activists are taking climate action to a whole new level. It is our generation’s responsibility to support them.”

Recognizing the extraordinary importance of the upcoming youth-led climate strikes, AREDAY is presenting the leaders of the future who are demanding action today:

·       Xiye Bastida, Fridays for the Future

·       Katie Eder, Future Coalition

·       Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians

AREDAY Founder Chip Comins said, "We are delighted to use the AREDAY platform to help accelerate and empower the national and global youth movement at the United Nations General Assembly next month and beyond towards a sustainable future."

Climate change will come into sharp global focus in September, as the world’s heads of state, thought leaders from the private sector, academia, and civil society, and thousands of concerned citizens converge on New York City for both UN Week and Climate Week NYC. Funders are urged to consider supporting the galvanizing youth groups involved in the strikes, and to contact Wallace Global Fund or Earth’s Call Fund for more information.

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About the Wallace Global Fund: The Wallace Global Fund is dedicated to Henry A. Wallace’s progressive legacy of empowering what he called the “common man” against the moneyed elites in the struggle for control of government and the planet’s precious resources. Reflecting that legacy, the Fund’s principal priorities are to defend a liveable climate and strengthen democracy, both threatened by corporate interests. Wallace Global Fund is a leading supporter of the movement calling for fossil fuel divestment and investment in sustainable, just, and reliable sources of energy. For more information visit www.wgf.org

The Earth’s Call Fund is a financial accelerator that aims to find and fund innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Earth's Call Fund rapidly deploys capital to innovators targeting climate’s most complex and immediate challenges. Earth’s Call passionately supports these efforts through unique collaborations and partnerships and has pledged $50 million to promote solutions.

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