Decline in Biodiversity Threatens Food System

The UN reports that a decline in biodiversity is threatening our food system

August 3, 2019

2:14 pm

A recent report by the UN highlights a growing threat to our food system due to a decline in biodiversity. As the plants, animals and microorganisms necessary for food production diminish, the report notes that if these critical species are lost that it "places the future of our food system under severe threat."

“Land-use changes, pollution, and climate change are all causing biodiversity loss,” reports The article went on to highlight the two main messages of the report. Firstly that we are, “relying on an ever smaller number of foodstuffs to feed a growing population that's expected to rise to around 10 billion people by 2050.” Secondly that, “many of these species that support food and agriculture are under threat or declining. Around a thousand wild food species, mainly plants, fish and mammals are decreasing in abundance.”

Worryingly, “the lack of biodiversity can leave food production much more vulnerable to shocks, such as outbreaks of disease and pests.” The Irish potato famine of the 1840s is mentioned as an example of what can happen when disease hits an already over-relied upon crop. “While nothing on the scale of famine is now predicted, the new study highlights a number of examples where the loss of biodiversity is impacting people's lives and diets.”

So what are we to do, are there actions we can take as individuals to use biodiversity in a more sustainable way? The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization says that as consumers we can have an impact. Simple examples of action are choosing sustainably grown products from farmers' markets or not purchasing foods that are known to be unsustainable.

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We cannot rely on government. We, the people, must insist on and spark a global crisis of conscience. For too long, at our own collective peril, we’ve tuned out Earth’s call.

Now, answering that call is the nonprofit Earth's Call, a foundation the mission of which is to accelerate a global movement to transform the world.

Most notably, Earth’s Call aims to catalyze and mobilize young people around the globe to be those instruments of change. Importantly, Earth’s Call will host a platform for the voices of these young people, who will be able to tell and share both their stories and insights with a worldwide audience.

Earth’s Call will also stress the importance of moving the needle forward. “Young people must not feel that these problems are too great for them to make any discernible impact, nor that they are too powerless,” says Spike Buckley, Earth’s Call Board President. “On the contrary, Earth’s Call wants to emphasize how even one small contributing factor in each household makes a difference, and how young people can lead by becoming environmental change-makers right in their homes, schools and communities.”