Earth's Call at XPRIZE Visioneering

Earth's Call at XPRIZE Visioneering

October 18, 2019

2:19 pm

Michele Hunt, Earth's Call Fund Board Acting President had the extraordinary opportunity to attend last week's annual gathering of the XPRIZE community. She was one the team of people who worked with musical artist Pharrell and his wife Helen (pictured above) at the XPRIZE 2019 Visioneering Weekend Summit in Los Angeles.

Pharrell's team won the XPRIZE Grand Prize to create transformational public housing alternatives that will provide a self-sustaining life beyond subsidized housing.

In addition to Pharrell’s Charter Communities XPRIZE, these concepts received rousing support:

  • Back to Earth: A highly scalable and economically feasible system that, through regenerative agriculture
  • Toxin Detection: Early detection of environmental toxins to transform healthcare and prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.
  • The Future of Food Packaging: An eco-friendly alternative thin-film plastic that biodegrades and is food safe.
  • The Race to a Trillion Trees: A system to unlock massive, rapid deployment of new trees, appropriate to local ecosystems, at a cost of no more than 10 cents per tree.

Writing about the experience to the Earth's Call Fund Board, MIchele said, "Having the opportunity to explore, collaborate, learn, and share ideas with like-minded and like-hearted people, on solutions to the existential climate threat facing us, was exhilarating."

We're excited to see what new opportunities to support, partner and collaborate emerge from these new relationships.

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