#StrikeWithUs September 20

Future Coalition's Katie Eder shares her stirring invitation for adults to join the September 20 Climate Strike

September 19, 2019

1:34 pm

Earth's Call Fund is proud to share this new CNN Opinion Op-Ed by Katie Eder, 19, the co-founder and executive director of Future Coalition, a national network of youth-led organizations and youth organizers.

Climate change is the five-alarm fire that America's political leaders pretend not to see. They control the hoses and they can turn on the water, but so far, the most powerful people in our country are doing little to address an increasingly grim future.

We, the young people organizing and participating in a global strike this Friday, will not sit around and allow ignorance and inertia to win. Global warming is raising temperatures worldwide in a more dramatic way than we've seen at any time in the past 2,000 years, according to a recent study published in Nature. While scientists at the United Nations say we may have a little over a decade to slow down the global rise in temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, others say we have far less time before we'll see devastating consequences.

Young people know that their futures are at risk.

Read the full article at CNN Opinion.

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