Welcome to the New Earth's Call Fund

Our new name, board, website, and an update on our first grant

August 18, 2019

1:38 pm

These last few sweltering months have been hyper-busy for Earth’s Call Fund, planning for our future success.

  • We have a new name. Adding the word “Fund” to our official name better describes our mission, which remains the same: to find and fund innovative solutions to the climate crisis. The name change more closely indicates that we plan to raise additional funds from donor investors, who will join our strategies and urgent grantmaking goals.
  • Speaking of grantmaking, we’re delighted to announce Earth’s Call Fund's first grant, awarded to the youth-led Future Coalition. We are honored to sponsor, as a founding partner, the September 20 Climate Strike, a large national mobilization of youth and adults now planned for New York City, Los Angeles, and across the United States. Read more below.
  • We've also made some organizational changes, starting with a new Board, led by Michele Hunt (Acting President) and Roberta Baskin (Acting Executive Director). The Board has several new members, who bring powerful expertise and experience with climate issues and philanthropy to our work. We offer a hearty shout out of appreciation to our former Board members who, having helped achieve our goal of leading Earth’s Call to its stellar inaugural event in Aspen, have decided to move on.
  • The Board has launched a search for a permanent Executive Director to lead Earth’s Call Fund going forward, including the custom competition to find and fund solutions to the climate crisis. For more information, please reach out to us at Search@EarthsCall.org.
  • This newly re-launched website (EarthsCall.org) will host new blogs multiple times each week, featuring important climate news, analysis, and opinion, as well as updates from members of the ever-growing Earth’s Call community. We're also working on new ways for you to communicate and work with each other. Read below for some of the collaborations already in motion.

Here's what's ahead:

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We cannot rely on government. We, the people, must insist on and spark a global crisis of conscience. For too long, at our own collective peril, we’ve tuned out Earth’s call.

Now, answering that call is the nonprofit Earth's Call, a foundation the mission of which is to accelerate a global movement to transform the world.

Most notably, Earth’s Call aims to catalyze and mobilize young people around the globe to be those instruments of change. Importantly, Earth’s Call will host a platform for the voices of these young people, who will be able to tell and share both their stories and insights with a worldwide audience.

Earth’s Call will also stress the importance of moving the needle forward. “Young people must not feel that these problems are too great for them to make any discernible impact, nor that they are too powerless,” says Spike Buckley, Earth’s Call Board President. “On the contrary, Earth’s Call wants to emphasize how even one small contributing factor in each household makes a difference, and how young people can lead by becoming environmental change-makers right in their homes, schools and communities.”