Earth's Call Fund believes in collaboration over competition and actively seeks partnerships with aligned organizations to find and fund innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

17 Goals

To heal the planet, we need more solutions, more brain-power, more funding, more action, and more activists.

That’s why Earth’s Call is passionate about the collaborative framework of the UN’s 17 Global Goals, particularly Goal 13 for Climate Action and Goal 17 for Partnerships.

The Carbon Underground

The Carbon Underground connects the worlds of academia, business, financial markets, government and the general public to avert catastrophic climate change. The Carbon Underground was founded on two simple realities:
1) There is no solution to climate change that does not include drawing carbon back down from our atmosphere.
2) There is no mechanism with the scale, ability, and immediacy to draw adequate amounts of carbon back down to mitigate climate change other than the restoration of soil.

Future Coalition

Future Coalition is a national network and community for youth-led organizations and youth leaders. The Future Coalition works collaboratively to share resources and ideas, all with a common goal of making the future a better, safer, and more just place for everyone.

Honor Roll

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