Welcome To Earth's Call

The alarming effects of the climate crisis — from devastating wildfires, hurricanes, and floods to plastic inundation, pollution, and resource depletion — are presenting ever-increasing challenges.

February 23, 2019

9:28 am

The alarming effects of the climate crisis and other environmental disasters — from devastating heat waves, wildfires, sea-level rise, hurricanes, and floods to plastic inundation, pollution, and resource depletion — are presenting ever-increasing challenges. Rising global temperatures pose such wide-ranging existential threats to humanity that, by the end of this century, some parts of the world could disappear altogether.

"We are the last people who can prevent catastrophe on the planet," says Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General. “We have no excuse for failure.”

We cannot rely on government. We, the people, must insist on and spark a global crisis of conscience. For too long, at our own collective peril, we’ve tuned out Earth’s call.

Now, answering that call is the nonprofit Earth's Call, a foundation the mission of which is to accelerate a global movement to transform the world.

Earth’s Call vows to help organizations that are pursuing social good in five “Key Note” areas — Air, Land, Water, Wildlife, and Humankind — but that lack resources, financial backing and/or connections to achieve their goals. Earth’s Call funding will enable concerned citizens to become instruments of transformation, to protect and preserve our planet.

Most notably, Earth’s Call aims to catalyze and mobilize young people around the globe to be those instruments of change. Importantly, Earth’s Call will host a platform for the voices of these young people, who will be able to tell and share both their stories and insights with a worldwide audience. Our website, launching today, will be that platform, and will embolden the world's youth to immediate action, giving them the ability, passion and confidence to "Answer the Call."

Earth’s Call will also stress the importance of moving the needle forward. “Young people must not feel that these problems are too great for them to make any discernible impact, nor that they are too powerless,” says Spike Buckley, Earth’s Call Board President. “On the contrary, Earth’s Call wants to emphasize how even one small contributing factor in each household makes a difference, and how young people can lead by becoming environmental change-makers right in their homes, schools and communities.”

Earth’s Call officially launched this month, and will kick off a global movement this spring in Aspen, Colorado, by uniting the world through the power of music: Earth’s Call will host and stage a major musical and spiritual event May 18, featuring some of the world’s most prolific performers, maestros, musicians, and producers, led by Earth’s Call founder and internationally renowned cellist Michael Fitzpatrick.

“Musicians have always answered the call,” says Fitzpatrick, who will also serve as the event’s artistic director. “Throughout history, in times of crisis and celebration, musicians have offered their gifts of moving the heart, elevating the mind, and connecting us to each other.”

Their commitment to accelerating achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is just the start of what Earth’s Call plans on making an annual event. But more importantly, Earth’s Call wants to sound the alarm so that citizens around the world will help answer the call, and restore balance and ecological harmony for generations to come.